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Jack Russell


Special as our bags are, there’s nothing such as making them truly unique, that’s why we offer our monogramming service so you can put your own personal touch that could go from your name or initials, a combination of yours and your loved one, or even a short memorable word that has a special meaning for you.

Our website automatically adds a “customise” option on the products that can be stamped, you will be presented with two font options and a number of colours available. Please bear in mind that due to size limitations on the stamping area, there are a maximum number of characters that can be used.

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All monogramming requests will be studied by our customer service department and will contact you as soon as possible in case anything should be changed.

With a few exceptions, the general monogramming rules are: maximum three of the same letters or two numbers, with or without dots. Please contact us on contact@jrmalletier.com or give us a call on +33(0)1 4236 8178 to discuss any requirements.

Please note that items that had been monogrammed cannot be exchanged or returned unless genuinely faulty.

We offer this service free of charge. Please contact us via email if you have any specific requests, we'll do our best to accommodate any wishes so you can have your own very unique Jack Russell product

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