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Terms & Conditions



The Jack Russell Malletier company sells Jack Russell articles in France and internationally. Besides its retail network, the Jack Russell Malletier brand sells its products digitally (online) through its internet sales site www.jr-london.com.

Thus, the Jack Russell company conforms to current regulations in France, particularly regarding the consumer code (art L.111-1, L.113-3 and L.121-18). The Jack Russell Malletier company is registered under French law in Paris as a business under reference code RCS Paris 508 047 552. Its headquarters is at 3 rue d’Alger 75001 Paris, France. The company owns the Jack Russell Malletier trademark and other representative trademarks, illustrations, images and logos on its products, fittings and packagings, whether they are registered or not, and they remain its exclusive property.


1.1 Orders taken are subject to the complete acceptation by the buyer acting on his own account who agrees to the conditions below; he acts independently with full knowledge of the situation. 1.2 Elsewhere, all photographs, graphic designs and descriptions are simply indicative and do not commit the Jack Russell Malletier Paris company in any way. Clients can obtain additional information by contacting the company by phone (+33 1 53 30 06 64) or e-mail contact@jr-london.com. In case of an error in describing or showing the articles, pricing or incorrect images, the Jack Russell Malletier company will not be held responsible and will rectify the information as soon as an error is detected. 

By completing and submitting the electronic order form (or proceeding through the 'checkout process') you are making an offer to purchase goods which, if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract. Neither submitting an electronic order form or completing the checkout process constitutes our acceptance of your order.


To place an order, the client can open an account or checkout as a guest following the procedure set up by the company on the site; in case of prolonged inactivity during a connection, the order being placed becomes inactive and the client must start the buying procedure again. Only articles available and sent will be billed. The orders recorded represent a firm commitment from the buyer but he is bound only after payment is confirmed (by debit card only). Conforming with French legislation, the buyer has a 14-day withdrawal period after delivery (art L.121.1 of the consumer code) to return the product in its original packaging without having damaged the product and will either be given a credit or a reimbursement by debit card within 30 days.

If the product is returned and we see any defect or see that the product has been carried or used, we will be obliged to cash the entire "debit card" amount and the client cannot ask for a reimbursement, the product will then be returned to the buyer. Also, in case of a previous litigation with a client, the Jack Russell Malletier company reserves the right to refuse an order or transactions with the said client. The obligatory return addresses are:

JRM Paris, Customer Services, 3 rue d’Alger 75001 Paris, France.

Jack Russell Malletier, London Office, Lornamead House, 1-5 Newington Causeway, Southwark, London, SE1 6ED, UK.

In unusual cases, products may be exchanged but must respect the above conditions, meaning that in case of a defect or damage, the product will not be exchanged.


Delivery times and dates are approximate, without committing the seller who has 30 days to deliver the order. A delay in delivery will not cause the order to be cancelled, nor will any compensation be given to the buyer. The buyer accepts that an order can be made in partial deliveries, without asking for compensation. The client has various delivery options (normal or express).


All merchandise sold will be sent at the buyer’s risk, whatever shipping method is used. In case of damage or missing elements, the recipient is responsible for making any claims with the shipper before accepting delivery. These claims must be based on concrete observations and not just on a possibility of damage or missing merchandise. It is imperative to confirm any damages by a registered letter with signature confirmation to the shipper responsible for the delivery in a maximum of 24 hours after receiving the package. A copy of the claim must also be sent by registered letter with signature confirmation to the seller to keep him informed. In all cases, the claims must be precisely detailed on the shipping receipt. The buyer cannot use one of the above cases to refuse merchandise, request a reduction of the listed price or slow down payment.


The returns period for an order is 14 days since day of delivery. If the merchandise delivered has obvious defects, notify us by e-mail as soon as it is delivered contact@jr-london.com. No return can be made without written agreement from the Jack Russell company. The Jack Russell brand reserves the right to replace the returned defective articles. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer except in obvious cases of defects and this, based on our company’s approval.

Custom made items cannot be refunded, cancelled or exchanged.


The transfer of ownership for merchandise sold is subject to the buyer’s paying the full price. Payment is considered to have been made when the entire price has been received and cashed. As soon as the merchandise has been delivered, the buyer is responsible for any risks under reservation of ownership. He must insure at his cost, the risks of conserving, caring for and using the products. He will be responsible for damages to the merchandise or caused by the merchandise as soon as it is delivered. If payment has not been received in the time agreed upon by the parties, the seller reserves the right to take back the merchandise if he feels it will resolve the contract.


All events linked to a force majeure including war, riots, fires, strikes, accidents and the impossibility of being delivered, exonerate the seller from any responsibility derived from the sale.


In case of litigation relevant to the interpretation, execution or break of the present contract, the Paris commercial court will be the only competent entity, even in a case of numerous defenders, either as an action undertaken as part of a civil or commercial contract or an action based on article 1382 following the Civil code. If the dispute is not founded or does not require urgent action, only the president of the Paris commercial court can hear the case. Whatever the delivery location and payment method, the designated jurisdiction is clear and there can be no novation or exemption from the present clause.


It is forbidden for the buyer, under threat of prosecution, to reproduce in whole or part the models of products or merchandise he has bought or seen. He is also forbidden to transmit to a third-party any information allowing the reproduction of all or part of a model, product or merchandise from our Company. Otherwise, the buyer will be guilty of collusion in a counterfeiting misdemeanor and can be prosecuted. The buyer must inform us immediately, as soon as he has knowledge, of any act of unfair competition or infringement that has an impact on our intellectual property rights or a claim, by a third party, that he has the intellectual property rights of merchandise sold and owns it.


Purchases must be paid for exclusively and automatically by debit card with cards in the "CB" network (Visa/Eurocard-MasterCard), American Express or Paypal. Jack Russell Malletier employees do not have access to our clients’ bank information and all the information is encrypted under the highest security protocoles. Exceptionally and after special agreement by Jack Russell Malletier, a wire transfer can be made to pay for an order; in this case, the products will be sent when the transaction has been completed and the funds have arrived in the company’s bank account. It is understood that the client’s debit card conforms with the one issued by his bank including a 16-digit number, an expiration date and a cryptogram. In case of fraud, legal proceedings may be undertaken.


Conforming with the current legislation (art. L.1641 of the civil code) the seller acknowledges that hidden defects may make the merchandise impossible to use or diminish its use so much that the buyer would not have acquired it or would have paid a lower price if he knew about it. That is why this guarantee cannot be made on products used incorrectly. In case of an important defect not linked to the use of the article bought, the company can eventually replace it.


The Jack Russell Malletier company offers its clients a personalization service for articles (monograms, customization). The products ordered must be paid for completely to confirm this special order for which the delivery time is longer (approximately 8 weeks) than the stock collections.


The Jack Russell Malletier company is registered with the CNIL (the Information Commissioner’s Office of France) and guarantees complete confidentiality for all client data, especially concerning private life. When a client places an order, he may choose to receive offers from the Jack Russell Malletier company which also agrees not to give their client list to other companies.